a season calendar for fermentation nerds

season and fermentation calendar#

I’m quite excited about fermentation from time to time. My main issue is that most of the time I’m not aware of which fruits and vegetables have season. So to have this list always with me I build up a small site to have this informations always ready. Small but usefull feature set:

  • You can search
  • Multilanguage & Multiregion (at least in theory)
  • Data can easily be extended

the data and technology#

I pulled the data from various sources and wrote them together (a typical nighttime task). Just stupidly dumped a state for each month and fruit into a csv file.

Example line how the data looks like:

Name Name(EN) jan feb mar apr mai
Spargel Asparagus 2 3 3

The scale reaches from 0 to 3.

  • 3 means fresh and in season, while
  • 2 means from storage or very pre-season.
  • 0 and 1 are currently not used and both have the meaning of not in season.

From the technology point of view this project has no “special” or “fancy” implementation. It was actually my first project to get in touch with node.js.

I think it is simple project but it helps me to decide what to buy and what not.